The History of Salloways

The family and employees are very proud that the story of Salloways jewellers of Lichfield dates back to 1861. John Salloway, Son of William and Anne Salloway, started work as an apprentice to Bore Street clockmaker Charles Thorneloe in 1861. Here he trained for seven years and later took over the business which he then moved to Bore Street Lichfield, the location which still to this day you can find us. Thus started the history of the Salloway family shaping into the highly recognised and proud name it is today.

When John Salloway died in 1900 he had no children of his own to pass the business on to, so the responsibility was given to his brother William and his wife Harriet. Though William was the owner Harriet dealt with the day to day running of the shop, William, like his father before him worked for the London and North Rail company. Salloways began to evolve, the business dove into the market of jewellery and silver. Soon the business would be passed on to William’s son, Frank.

Frank, born 1895, attended Lichfield Grammar School leaving in 1911 to join his parents in the family business and become the next generation of Salloways. However, like most young men during this time period Frank left to fight in the Great War. Serving until 1918, decorated with the Distinguished Conduct Medal after the Battle of Ypres, history records mention the name of Lance Corporal Salloway of Bore Street Lichfield distinguished for his good work in the face of battle repairing communication lines. When the war had finally come to an end Frank returned to Lichfield to continue his training and take his place next to his parents in the business. When his training was complete and his father William had retired in 1922 Frank took over the business and married Miss Gladys Moore from Rugeley, together they had one child named John. The next chapter of Salloways had begun.

Frank not only became known for his dedication to the Salloways business but also for his commitment to his community. Throughout his life Frank played a very active role in the Lichfield area, supporting many of Lichfield associations and clubs. As well as this Frank became councillor in 1936, Sheriff in 1940 and 1941, Mayor in 1946 Alderman in 1951 and then finally 1971 he was granted Freedom of the City.

His son John then ran Salloways for many years and travelled the world with his wife Mary in search of new collections and rare gemstones.  John became a much respected figure in Lichfield, giving his time freely to set up the Lichfield Treasury exhibition. Mr John Salloway also became respected as a leading figure in the jewellery trade for his gemmological expertise as well as his ethical business approach which inspired trust as well as friendship in both customers and colleagues.

Mr Nigel Salloway, a gemmologist and registered valuer who trained in London before joining the business in 1984, is the fourth generation of Salloway to run the firm.  Now Managing Director, Nigel has built on the firm foundations laid down by his predecessors, still firmly holding on to the principles of customer service, value and choice that have always kept customers returning.